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London is, by far, the biggest city in England. That means if you’re in the area and looking to donate some old clothes, you’ll be glad to know you’re never too far away from a clothing bank. The charities operating these clothing banks will be more than happy to accept a wide range of donations, given their in usable condition. If you don’t think they’re in usable condition, it’s better off if you just throw them out yourself and save the charity the hassle.

These clothing recycling centres will accept a wide range of common clothing items such as scarfs, pants, jackets, shoes, shirts, socks, winter gear, and many more. If you’re looking to donate something a little different, make sure to give them a call beforehand to double check if they can accept your donation.

You’ll find clothing banks in the City of London, Westminster, Bexley, Greenwich, Croydon, Lambeth, Sutton, and many more areas around the region. To find the closest clothes bank near you, simply scroll through the list below or visit the map to get started.

There are plenty of clothing banks scattered around London operated by some of the biggest charities in the country. Household names include the Salvation Army and The Fire Fighters Charity. Although there are plenty of independent charities as well.

In recent times, clothing donations to charities has skyrocketed, with many people wanting to help those in need. While it’s fantastic that more people are donating, please be considerate when you do so. Leaving your clothes outside a donation bin not only causes a hassle for the charity and council but is a major eyesore as well.

Enter your location into the map to find your closest clothing donation bin, or scroll through the list below to get started.

If you know any clothes banks near you in London that aren’t listed below, please let us know and we’ll add them into the list.

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