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Clothes donation locations in Nottingham, Mansfield, and more

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Want to donate some of your old or unwanted clothing that you no longer wear? You’ve come to the right place. We have England’s largest list of clothing banks in Nottinghamshire, meaning you’re never too far away from one. You’ll find many of these clothing recycling centres in Nottingham, as well as Mansfield and Beeston, but also in smaller towns around the county. Scroll through the list below to get started or visit the map to find the nearest one to you.

The clothing banks will accept common items such as pants, shirts, jackets, shoes, socks, and others. If you want to donate items such as furniture, appliances, or other homewares, give them a call before to check if they can accept your donations.

Despite some clothing banks being forced to close in recent times, there are many now open and ready to accept your donations. You’ll discover large charities such as The Fire Fighters Charity and The Salvation Army operate many donation bins throughout the country. As well as smaller shops as well.

Your donations do a huge amount of good for those in need but make sure whatever clothes you’re donating can be re-used. These organisations already spend millions every year sorting through and throwing out unusable donations.

Enter your location into the map to find your nearest clothing bank, or scroll through the list below to see them all.

If you know any clothes banks near you in Nottinghamshire that aren’t listed below, please let us know and we’ll add them into the list.

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List of Nottinghamshire Clothes Bank Locations

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